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Doors of Perception


Monkey Business Records FREE ALBUM January 28, 2018

Monkey Business Records is happy to present you with eARTh, the new release of 22 years old musician Timo Lissy AKA Futurum Sonat from Austria. He fell in love with psychedelic dance music when he was 15 years old and started producing music immediately after this first contact. Now he is back for his third release containing four tracks which form a journey through a funky world of psychedelics. It includes phat bass lines, glitchy soundscapes and many influences from various music genres around the globe with jazz being the most distinct one amongst them. The life on our blue planet is full of art to discover! All tracks written and produced by Timo Lissy; track 2 co-produced with Luca Schwaiger; track 4 co-produced with Kim-Noah Brach. Mastering by Charly Bonat @ SoundbĂĽro. Artwork by Sketch Inc.